No Win No Fee Solicitors

  1. No Win No Fee Solicitors
  2. You have no reason to worry about being able to afford the best personal injury lawyers. If you are injured in an accident that was not your fault, the No Win No Fee* solicitors we work with can help you claim any compensation to which you may be entitled. Top quality legal support should not only be available to the wealthy and privileged, and since Legal Aid is not available for personal injury claims, a no win no fee agreement, also known as a conditional agreement, puts justice within your reach.

    The first step in the making of a successful personal injury compensation claim is verifying that you have grounds for one. Call The Compensation Experts now to speak with one of our qualified legal advisors for a free, no obligation discussion. There is no point starting what can be a lengthy legal process only to find out several months down the line that your claim is likely to fail. They will ask the right questions about the circumstances around your accident and injury to determine whether any claim you make has a good likelihood of success.

  3. Fair and Affordable

    As well as making legal support affordable, no win no fee agreements reduce the financial risk associated with starting a compensation claim when there is no guarantee of a positive outcome. Providing you are honest with the information you disclose and keep to the conditions of your agreement, if your claim is not successful then you will not have to pay either your lawyer’s fees or those of the other party.

    The law has changed so that your personal injury lawyer can no longer claim legal costs for a successful compensation claim from the defendant. Instead, you will agree on a percentage of compensation in advance of making your request, which will cover the hours of legal work and expertise your claim will entail. This type of agreement is a huge relief to clients who are already struggling financially through no fault of their own, either because of income lost while they are recovering physically, or due to other expenses resulting from their accident.

    In addition to the limited cost and financial risk associated with no win no fee claims, you can trust that, because they only receive payment if your application is successful, your solicitor will be doing all they can to obtain the most compensation possible for your injury.

  4. How The Compensation Experts Work
  5. The Compensation Experts not only makes claiming damages affordable, but we also make it simple as well. Just get in touch directly with one of our legal advisors, or fill in our online form and let us know when and how you want us to respond. We will ask a few questions about the details of your accident and if we believe there is a case for damages, will match you with a personal injury solicitor who will take the case forward. It couldn’t be any easier, and it can start today.